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Cool new Rapha cycle shirts

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I was never really into cycling, instead going for motorbikes, Rock and Roll and girls. Rapha have now brought out some sweet new limited edition flyweight jersey shirts! Click the linked photo to take a peek. Bold stylish and different, probably practical too. They reference beautiful countries to cycle in and make use of their national colours in their design. I used to work at the same company as the founders of Rapha before they got going so I already know they’re innovators. It always pays to go for quality over quantity.

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Truf Creative Santa Monica USA

Here’s some interesting design from Truf. Distinctive and fresh illustration which is much harder to find than many would realise. The downside of the web is there’s limitless stuff to sift through making it much harder to find stand out original work. Instagram is an interesting beast, some creators are overly obsessed with consistency and continuity but i think it’s better to have a more free unrestricted range of work. It will be interesting to see what else Truf post because they obviously understand what quality work is.